Education in Society – On Race, Equity, Opportunity, and the Path Forward

The Path Forward
Better Conversations about Freedom, Learning, and Leading

Since the events on that tragic day in Minneapolis pushed the boiling tensions surrounding race and equality over a seemingly irretrievable edge in our country, we have been in an identity crisis. It is manifesting everywhere — in our politics, our classrooms, our philosophies of history and truth — and its implications are the kind that we aren’t able to fully grasp on this side of history. 

In the midst of this crisis in our nation’s narrative, voices of unity, reason, empathy, and truth are more important than ever. The conversation, if it’s going to produce desperately-needed change, opportunity, and hope, must not be based in partisan loyalties or fear. It can’t be so philosophical or so deeply rooted in academic ideologies that it is without any real practical application. It can’t be cold, devoid of empathy or compassion. It can’t be so biased that it fails to consider our history or so driven that it seeks to rewrite it. It can’t view the events of our time through a lens of resentment, fear, or stubborn defiance and still produce anything resembling life or meaningful change.

Education in Society

Our Education in Society speaker series is meant to do just that: provide a platform to have and continue these important conversations that impact all of us.

 On Thursday, November 4th at 7 pm, our guest will be the engaging thought-leader Kendall Qualls. Mr. Qualls is a man of both words and action, a leader in his home and a leader in our state. He is leading good conversations that are producing change. He is offering insights and perspectives that come from his own story and yet connect with the stories of countless others across the state and country. He has overcome great hurdles and yet is not defined by them. He has started a movement that is bigger than himself and is giving others the tools to define themselves not by what has been, but by what is and by what could be. 

Join us on Thursday, November 4th, at 7 pm. Take part in a conversation that all of us need and that few of us know how to have.


with Kendall Qualls

President, TakeCharge MN

November 4, 2021  |  7:00 pm   
Free Admission, Open to the Public

Liberty Classical Academy Gymnasium | 3878 Highland Ave. | White Bear Lake