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Rebekah Hagstrom

Show Host

Rebekah Hagstrom is an educator, an entrepreneur, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a keynote speaker, and the founder and leader of a Pre-K through 12th grade Twin Cities classical school. Her passion for education — and her conviction that we have a responsibility to do better — has been her motivation for her life’s work. 

Rebekah’s a student of public policy and has witnessed first-hand what it looks like when bad ideas in educational theory trickle down into classrooms and onto chalkboards and lesson plans. She’s involved politically, active socially, and engaged in any conversation that seeks to restore education. 

Rebekah’s lifetime of dedication to the cultivation of wisdom and virtue in the classroom has also moved into the digital space. As the cohost of Education America, Rebekah is quite literally practicing what she preaches. She’s studying culture and educational trends while she is also implementing truth and virtue-rich principles into the classrooms she helped build. She’s engaging legislators and educators in necessary discussions. She’s asking good questions and inviting open, honest, and implicational dialogue. She’s leading change. 

Abraham Lincoln once famously stated, “The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.” The ideas of today’s educators will be those of tomorrow’s legislators. This makes education reform essential. It makes the ideas we interact with critical. 

If we’re going to save the country, we must save the classroom. 

It’s why Education America is here. And it’s why Rebekah Hagstrom does the work she does. 

Abigail Johnson

Show Host
Abigail is a Midwest native who left the beautiful Iowa cornfields, to attend law school in Minnesota. 
It was during law school she saw how legislation and public policy impacts everyday life of  Minnesotans.  She followed this interest to the Minnesota House of Representatives, where she was a policy analyst with the Education Finance and Education Reform committee, as well as others.
Abigail currently enjoys meeting families interested in learning about Classical Education in her role as Admissions Director at Liberty Classical Academy.