Better Ideas for Education

School Choice, Political Agendas, and Saving the Classroom Politics and Education. In each, one general principle seems to hold fast: It’s easier to know what people are against than what they’re for. People don’t speak out in favor of what they determine to be a good idea often enough. They’re much more likely to speak…

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Education & Legislation (and Why it Matters to All of Us)

At Education America, we’re committed to leading better conversations about education. Sometimes that means we’re talking to educators about what’s working and what’s not. Sometimes it means we’re asking parents what they care about and how they’re helping their kids make the most out of learning. Sometimes it’s about trends or traditions; books we’ve read…

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Turning the Page

You’ve probably seen the quote before — if not in your own reading and research then most certainly in your interactions with Liberty Classical. It comes from Abraham Lincoln and says, “The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.” It’s also a statement — and…

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